Gut 4-tify


A Proven, Potent and Effective Spore Probiotic to Help You Be Your Healthier You

  • Unless you’re at the leading edge of progressive health, you may not equate “mucus” to your body’s strength and protection.

  • However, mucus – specifically the mucus in your gut – plays a critically important role in your health and survival.

  • In fact, your intestinal mucosal barrier may be the single most important and protective component of your entire immune system!

  • When it’s functioning properly, it keeps you safe from pathogens, allergens, and toxins.

  • But given the countless daily threats your body deals with, your mucosal barrier needs all the support you can give it… So it can do its most important job of keeping you alive and well.

  • All-natural, non GMO, and made WITHOUT soy, dairy, sugar, salt, corn, tree nuts or gluten

  • Vegan, Paleo and Keto Friendly

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